We recently did this project at home. A had had enough of crayons and coloring and drawing. She wanted to do some craft and I wanted to give my daughter something challenging but something that she is able to do herself without much intervention from me. So, we took out stuff already present in our craft box and she loved making these.This activity is suitable for 4-6 years old. If your child is not comfortable using the safety scissors, you can ask her to tear the paper or even cut them into patches yourself and then leave her to to do patchwork.


Last month was my daughter’s first competition in her school. It was a fancy dress and she stood first. The theme given to her class was ‘FRUITS’. We had an option of renting costumes from a store. But I wanted to do something creative and easy at the same time.

Children have their whims every now and then and my daughter asked for a Dora camera few days back (Dora is her favourite obviously). Now, I am a big believer in DIYing toys rather than buying store-bought toys at the drop of a hat. I did this before, when I made her microphone which is still one of her favorites. This time we made the camera using thermocol from packing stuff.


This one is really easy and you can instruct your children to do it themselves. Younger kids will need assistance. It is such a beautiful keepsake for them that they would love to show it off.

Holidays are a great time for catching up on all things crafty. They not only keep them occupied but also help let out those creative juices. With a toddler who will soon be a pre-schooler, the whole year is a holiday and we do love doing stuff together. It could be simple activities around home or something more organised, so when Poornima of aspoonfulofideas told me about her craft kits, I was quite taken. This is how we found them.

 I love recycling and upcycling  old and waste stuff. An old sturdy carton is something, I would never throw. See how we made a playhouse for our little girl out of furniture packing.



Ever since we got my lil girl a toy guitar for her birthday, she has been asking me for a microphone which she saw on the box. Now she is 3 years old and I have no intention of buying it for her.

I am a great believer of reusing stuff, specially toys for young kids because buying loads of expensive toys never help a child’s interest for too long. Earlier we had given lots of ideas of making inexpensive toys from stuff around the house.

Who does not love a cute little piggy saying 'oink oink'. Here is an easy-peasy project for your little one. Make this piggy nose and play act "Three Little Pigs" with your child.

Enjoy holidays with crafts and the printables