Easy-peasy frame using Popsicle sticks

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This one is really easy and you can instruct your children to do it themselves. Younger kids will need assistance. It is such a beautiful keepsake for them that they would love to show it off.


You Need:

4 popsicle/ ice cream sticks

Hand-made paper

Child’s small photograph (we used passport size)

1 cm ribbon

Glitter/ sparkle etc. to decorate


How to:

Cut a small square out of the handmade paper, roughly 3 inches wide.

Glue the photo to the center of the square.

Now stick the popsicle sticks to two parallel sides.

Stick the popsicle sticks to the remaining sides to form a frame.

Make a small loop of ribbon and stick at the top of the frame to be able to hang it.

Cover and weigh down with a book so that it sticks properly.

Now use glitter, sequins etc. to decorate as your child wishes.

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