Fancy Dress Costume - Grapes

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Last month was my daughter’s first competition in her school. It was a fancy dress and she stood first. The theme given to her class was ‘FRUITS’. We had an option of renting costumes from a store. But I wanted to do something creative and easy at the same time.

I browsed and finally zeroed on grapes. I saw some videos which were quite simple, so I decided to go ahead with some changes to make it comfortable for A. I did not want to pin the balloons directly on her dress as it could have been dangerous. I also wanted the costume to be manageable, so it could be taken off easily.

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What You Need

Green body suit. (I bought a full-sleeved green t-shirt and green leggings)

Pack of green balloons

1 meter green felt

½ cm wide green ribbon

Green pipe-cleaner

Needle and thread


Glue and stapler

How to

Cut the felt to the width of your child’s shoulders and double the length till the knees.

Fold this rectangle into half.

Cut a circle on top of the folded felt so that child’s neck can easily fit in.

Blow the required number of balloons using a pump or otherwise.

Use a needle and thread to stitch he balloons one by one to cover the felt completely.

Stitch 6-8 inches long pieces of green ribbons on the shoulders and below the arms so that the costume remains in place.

For headgear, I used brown paper to make a conical hat.

Draw a leaf on paper and use that as a template to cut two leaves out of the green felt.

Attach the leaves using glue and stapler.

Finally, coil the pipe-cleaner around your finger to form a vine.

Attach it to the top of the hat with glue.

Attach ribbons on both side of hat to make it easy to tie. 

How to wear

Dress the child up in the body suit.

You can take the costume in hand till you reach school.

Slip the costume over your child’s head and use the ribbons to fit properly, so that it doesn’t slip.


Now put on the headgear and you are set. 

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