Fishing Rod out of old toys

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I am a great believer of reusing stuff, specially toys for young kids because buying loads of expensive toys never help a child’s interest for too long. Earlier we had given lots of ideas of making inexpensive toys from stuff around the house.

We had also published an easy tutorial to make a playhouse from packing cardboard. My daughter loves fishes that had inspired me make an easy DIY aquarium for her and it again inspired me to make a fishing rod for her. The items used were all her own old toys, which I have repurposed, but you can use similar replacements.

What you need

A 1-2 feet long plastic rod (We used the rod from her cot mobile, which she has long outgrown and it was slightly damaged so we could not even donate it).

1-2 feet long 0.5 cm wide ribbon

Paper clip

Small rubber fishes( Here we used her olds bath toys)

How to do

There cannot be a simpler DIY project and something which kept my girl busy for a good couple of hours and she plays with this off and on.

Tie the ribbon to the rod. It already had a hole for strings of the mobile, so it made the job quite easy. You may also just tie the ribbon around a stick.

Open up the paper clip using hands or a plier to form a hook. You can also cover it with tape to make it safer. Form a small loop at one end to tie the ribbon end.

Tie the loose end of ribbon to the loop on the hook.

Use the hook to catch the fish and have fun.

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