Microphone out of a cardboard tube

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Ever since we got my lil girl a toy guitar for her birthday, she has been asking me for a microphone which she saw on the box. Now she is 3 years old and I have no intention of buying it for her.

Also, I know she just wants to hold something and pretend play Dora. So, when I saw the empty foil roll tube, I thought why not use it for this.A toilet paper roll is the perfect length, but it was too wide for her to hold comfortably. So, I cut the foil tube to appropriate length and used it. I also colored the longer piece black and called it a telescope or spotting scope which she loved.

Materials required

A 3-4 inch long cardboard tube

Old newpapaer

White tissue paper

Air-drying clay

Paints and brushes


Transparent tape



How To

How to make a Kitchen roll microphone

Scrunch the newspaper to form a ball and fix it over the tube using tape.

Make a mixture of half glue and half water.

Tear newspaper into small stripes.

Using a brush, apply glue mixture on tube and stick newspaper stripes. Apply glue mixture generously.

Do this for 2-3 layers and let them dry completely.

Once dry, paint it your favourite color.

Take a little air-drying clay and make a ring of it at the center of the mouth-piece.

Use a marker or sketch-pen to make the speaker.

You can also use glitter to make it more blingy.


There you go, an easy toy ready for your child at close to no cost.

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