Make a toybox out an empty carton

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 I love recycling and upcycling  old and waste stuff. An old sturdy carton is something, I would never throw. See how we made a playhouse for our little girl out of furniture packing.

Recently, we converted a cardboard box into a decent sized toy box for our little girl toys. I have been planning to get a toy basket or box for her toys which are getting more difficult to manage each day. This open toybox allows her to take whatever she wants and then put everything back once she is done playing.


I started with reinforcing the box and repairing and wear and tear to the box using a packing tape. I opened up the top covers to increase the height.

Once it was sturdy and to my desired shape and size, I covered it with old newspaper strips using a 50:50 glue+ water mixture. You can add more layers to this once the previous layer is a little dry. Make sure you to use the glue mixture generously below and over the layer.

Cover the inside with newspaper strips similarly.

Allow the box to dry completely. It may take a couple of hours. Once dry the box will be very sturdy.

You may now decorate the box using old magazines, paint, colored paper as you like. I used some copper colored spray paint

Recycle carton to a toybox

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